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Let's Work Together - It's a WIN WIN WIN!

The Basics:

- RMG has been producing real estate marketing television programs for nearly twenty years in markets that include Pittsburgh and Johnstown/Altoona. Click here to see shows and SUBSCRIBE to the EXCLUSIVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

- We will work with your sales team to promote our services to your market. You get the lead and sell the air time. We sell our production.

- In addition to providing the real estate client with a solid, proven advertising platform, our program provides your station with a long-term time buy occupied by a locally oriented program.

- Our programs are turnkey. We do ALL of the production and client consultation. You simply air the program and collect on the weekly time buy.

- RMG's shows come as a high definition, closed captioned, 28:30 program that is digitally uploaded to your station's server by EOB Thursdays.

- If ROS promos are included in the buy, RMG will produce the spots to maintain the branding of the show and real estate agency.

Have someone in mind? Contact us today at 814-443-0703 x1101 or at We're ready to put our team to work with yours!

More Information:

Real estate professionals have used print and Internet advertising over television mainly because those media allow them to provide more information than can be placed in a :30 to 2:00 commercial.

But, with more newspapers closing and the costs rising for real estate web sites, many are looking for new, more effective promotional options.

Enter RMG's Real Estate Marketing Services....and YOUR station.

We've been using the power of local broadcast television to distribute our shows for nearly twenty years and would love to work with you and your clients to develop successful programs in your market.

RMG can either work as a vendor of your station producing and delivering the show weekly or as a vendor of the real estate agency. We can place the time-buy as an agency on their behalf and have all of the billing run through our office. We invoice them. You invoice us.

RMG can work with your sales team to present the opportunity to interested real estate pros promoting the features and benefits of our productions while you discuss the merits of your broadcast television station.

RMG provides the program as a digital file by 5:00 PM East on Thursdays. Our programs are HD, come closed captioned, and are ready for air as soon as you get them.

Simply put, your station gets a long-term time buy and a locally oriented program (not another infomercial).

RMG gets a long-tern deal to produce and deliver the show to your station.

The real estate professional gets an exclusive, effective, and affordable long-term advertising platform with a record of proven results.

Win. Win. Win.

Have someone in mind? Contact us today at 814-443-0703 x1101 or at We're ready to put our team to work with yours!

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