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Put the Power of TV to Work for Your Agency

With many local newspapers losing readership or even closing, many real estate professionals are looking for new, innovative ways to promote their office, agents, services, and properties.

RMG's Real Estate Marketing TV Programs are a powerful, easy way to provide buyers with over forty tours in under thirty minutes every week.

Turnkey Solution:
RMG works with the broadcast TV stations in your market to schedule your show at the best times to build viewership and promote face-to-face open house tours.

Exclusivity is the Key
Most media allow anyone to advertise. Radio, billboard, print, and Internet advertising opportunities are plentiful. But when it comes to television programs, these opportunities are afforded to only a very select few customers.

RMG works with only one agency in each market providing our services exclusively to YOUR agency.

Your Agents are the STARS of Your Show!
Want to help your agents build their brands and sell more property? Your show will showcase them and their listings everyweek.

Also, looking to attract top sales talent to your team? Show them that you go above and beyond everyone else in town to help them sell.

The Weekly Process is Easy
There is no software to learn or site to log into. If you can send an email, we can work together to make this show happen. It's that simple. Remember, we've been sharpening this process for nearly twenty years!

Every customer is different when it comes to what they're looking for in their show. Want to promote agents? Listings? Vendors? All of the above? We're ready to tailor your show around your needs. Afterall, it is YOUR show.

Reach Millions on TV and Social Media
Our shows are delivered to buyers and sellers via broadcast, cable and satellite television. They are also available for on demand viewing on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

So, if a buyer missed your show on TV on Sunday or is coming from outside of the market, simply send them the link and they can watch your show on their phone, tablet, computer, or SMART TV on demand!

Plus, your show gives you some fantastic content for your and your agents' social media pages!

Interested? We'd love to tell you more. Please contact us at (814) 443-0703 or via email at for a no obligation proposal.

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